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Friday, 3 August 2012

Encik Fake Smile :)

Encik Fake Smile

ayoo skrg kita dah lama tak bercerita kan . why do you always do and make fake smiles hmm . jgn lah its just not right please .

Whatever you do or whatever happen , i want to be the one you tell stories to , i want to be the one beside you . Dosen't matter weather youre happy or sad , and I don't care if you don't want to share , but i'll make sure you share with me . Because you know why , because Aku sayang kau . dan aku baru sedar tu :)

I'll never let you suffer , and i'll never let my BFF suffer mcm Cik D i'll make sure you guys are happy . :)
So please Yang lain dah biasa bercerita to me , its just you im waiting for now .

Goodluck for Maths on monday ok :)

Ingat tau , no fake smiles , remember aku sayang kau . :) You always make me laugh and cry , but now i am going to be by your side :)

#Heehee ~ kesedaran baru melanda .

I do like you , but now aku sayang kau , but you'll still be my BFF . :) tapi aku tetap sayang kau :P HAHAHA ! woiii gatal benor , malam ni je . I'll stand by you , and CIK D :) <3 <3 <3

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