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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Shutting Down . !

Assalamualaikum .

Whats the point of me being nice to people when i JUST realised that im the one hurting .

I don't want to be mean , because that is not who i am , i don't want to ignore people , because that is not who i am . But when i realise that i get scolding,get ignorance from people . What is the main reason of me being nice . I help my friends , because i just want to feel wanted , because the fact is , in the end i just end up feeling LOST and UNWANTED .

But you know what , i am not gonna ignore them like other friends do . I 'll stand beside them even though they scold me . Because they are just as important to me .They are part of me , is just patient i need :)

#Ya Allah berikanlah ku kekuatan .

I thought of just being quiet and not talk to anyone , but i realise that is even worst cause , that is just not me . Soo ya ! Kbye boredd and tired of studying from morning actually Hee ~

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